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Reflective Thread from Sublime Stitching


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Product Description

Amazing reflective thread from Sublime Stitching! This stuff shines up like the silvery stripes on high-viz jackets when the light hits them! Use this thread to add little shining silvery embelishments to anything you might wear or have out at night where there is a possibility of lights shining on you and you want to be seen, maybe you could be out on your bike, at a discotheque, walking the dog, embroidering at night under the light of a head-torch, who knows the possibilities are endless! Please note though that this thread is not safety rated and should not be relied upon to be seen at night it is just for fun. Be safe out there people.

5 metres skein of reflective embroidery thread
Comes with a flat floss bobbin to wrap it around prior to use
Washable / Dry cleanable
Not dye resistant